When: May to September (approximately)

Where: Cuskinny Bay, Cobh

Cost: Free to members

There is no charge to members for open water sessions
although coach led events will require a donation to a local charity.
Open water coach: Jim Walsh
A 1km loop is marked by buoys but there are opportunities for a range of distances
from 400m. Club swims are typically one hour before high tide. These are member
led. Swimmers are encouraged to use tow-floats and wear brightly coloured hats (no
white hars). Club policy is that you do not swim alone. Throughout the summer we
host a range of coach led, kayak supported open water swim events for members.
These may include distances from 2-5km e.g. Glenmore to Cuskinny, Holyground to
Glenmore, Spike to Cobh and our unique club swim relay around the Great Island of
A number of coach led new to open water swim sessions are offered over the open
water season. These are posted on our closed members WhatsApp and email
groups. A calendar of open water events will be issued before the season starts.